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#1: Starring Pt 2 - Teh Poleson Mix

Posted on 2006-07-22 14:44:23 by Osbourne Ruddock

On the way out to the footy today it was lads only so I chucked on a
classic punk playlist on the iPod but after 'Boredom" by the Buzzcocks my
kid switched tracks and played "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath. 'This is Ozzy
Osbourne eh?' he enquired and I could only nod in agreement. After that he
chose "Highway to Hell" because of "School of Rock" but managed to enquire
that this ACDC was the real deal with Bon Scott on vocals.

Seeing as we were going for quality, on the way home I played 'Bubbles' by
the Cockney Rejects and 2/3rds of the way through he said 'that sounds
like West Ham'! in a disparaging tone and we had to suffer 'Dani
California' by the "Chili Peppers". A most underwhelming end to the day.

There were some Wailing Souls and Heptones too but they don't make for
good tostestutonic sound summarising.


Cheers, Os

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