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#1: Starring

Posted on 2006-07-22 14:07:49 by Osbourne Ruddock

My eldest son is now top scorer for his team with a naughty little slide
shot on 4 minutes today. Was player of teh day but was grumpy about them
only gaining a draw. He smashed a free kick against the bar and fucked two
pretty easy ones. I like that he gets grumpy generally about the result
but never whinges about the kids who haven't pitched in boots'n'all. He
had a light touch of the flu but still played one of his better games I've
seen him play.

I love to watch him like a sweaty handed voyeur but know that, while he
has a lovely soft touch like a teenage girl's nipple he's way too slow and
bosses a game by positioning well and stepping his opponents or letting
loose a lovely pass to the wings. He reckons he'll play for Liverpool and,
while I know he won't, he's way better than I ever would have been, bless
him. Everton maybe?


Cheers, Os

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