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#1: (Irony) Re: England blame everyone but themselves

Posted on 2006-07-22 20:02:51 by pavelb1

> Magnus, Robot Fighter wrote:
> > >
> > > The attitudes of the English must change if they are to be a world
> > > force. If players like Beckham is a role model for your young
> > > footballers then I am very sad for you.
> >
> > And who would be your role models? A diving ass like Ballack?

<a href="mailto:kqurtyhar&#64;" target="_blank">kqurtyhar&#64;</a> wrote:
&gt; Ballack yes. About his diving I don't know. I havent seen him. Zidane
&gt; definitely.
&gt; Ronaldinho surley, even if he did play badly this last world cup. But
&gt; no English players.

That post wins the &quot;Ironic foreshadowing of the WC Award.&quot;

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