Attention Real Mardin

Attention Real Mardin

am 21.07.2006 23:06:20 von ring-stinging_curry

Dear friend Mardin,

The smoke has cleared, the dust has settled, and the
German grounds-crews have picked up all of the empty
bratwurst wrappers that littered the field of the
Volkestadion. Heroes have been regaled and goats have
been fed their grass. Plaudits have been given,
accolades have been doled out, and platitudes have
flown like doves at a wedding. Tisn't that Zambrotta

What hasn't been done, Real Mardin? The cup is over.
Like junkies forced into a shock regimen of cold
turkey abstinence, footie fans will have to wait at
least two years when the European Cup ascends to the
very alpine plateaus that once resonated with the
haunting melodies of the fabled Von Trapp family.

It's over, Mardin. Over. Over. Over.

Or is it?

The fact is, Auld Brethren Mardin, that the cup can
NEVER be over until a final action is taken. An action
that Blatter can't perform, that Zidane is incapable
of rendering, that not Beckham, not Yildirim, not
Pele, nor even David Unsworth can accomplish. There is
only one man that can wrap this cup up, Real Mardin,
and that man is you.

Something needs to be done, Real Mardin. The beast
needs to be slain. The duck cannot be allowed to flop
its wings any longer without having its throat cut.
That final bite of steak-and-kidney pie needs to be
taken. And the only person who can do it is you, Real

I give you a name, dear honourable Mardin. And the
name I give you is Benjamin Huggel.

Benjamin Huggel, Real Mardin. Benjamin Huggel. Poor
persecuted Huggel. For the last year you've pilloried
him. You've stomped him. You've excoriated him. You've
crucified, guillotined, eviscerated, harpooned,
lampooned, lambasted, and blown out of your nose the
poor lad.

Now I know what you're thinking, Mardin. You're
thinking, Huggel deserved his punishment. His
transgressions against allTurkishmen that cold night
in the tunnel of Galatasaray were deserving of no less
than he's gotten. And you know something, Real Mardin?
You may be right.

But every religion, Real Mardin, whether it be
Christianity, Koran, Jewish, Buddhism, or Frogger,
every one of those religions shares one universal
tenet. I don't care where you go in the world, Real
Mardin, but no matter who you talk to, everyone shares
a belief in forgiveness. Forgive thy brother for his
sins, etc. etc. Do unto me, and I turn the other
cheek, etc., etc.

I think you know what I'm getting at, Real Mardin.
Benjamin Huggel has suffered long enough. He's paid
his penance. He's gotten his due. And now it's time
for you to do the right thing, Real Mardin. It's time
for you to do what hasn't been done. It's time for you
to end this cup. Do it Real Mardin. Do it. For the
love of the Order of the fabled Knights of
Chaunceymeade, JUST DO IT.

Real Mardin, it is time for you to unconditionally
forgive Benjamin Huggel.

(what do you think, Benny?)

Re: Attention Real Mardin

am 22.07.2006 00:41:07 von Benny

> Subject : Attention Real Mardin
> From :

>(what do you think, Benny?)

By the end of the second paragraph I was bored so skipped over the rest.
You did ask.

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Re: Attention Real Mardin

am 22.07.2006 17:26:16 von markvanderv1

Benny wrote:
> > Subject : Attention Real Mardin
> > From :
> >(what do you think, Benny?)
> By the end of the second paragraph I was bored so skipped over the rest.
> You did ask.

How do you know that he/she/it wasn't asking "Benny" Huggel? :-)