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#1: World's Largest Ram

Posted on 2006-07-21 14:36:37 by tadamsmar

I just want to warn you in advance.

I have not got around to it yet, but I plan to do some photography of
the "World's Largest Ram". Nothing currently on the web does it

<a href="" target="_blank"> l</a>

I plan to create the world's best photos of the World's Largest's Ram
put links to them here. I walk by the thing often during lunch hour,
but the light is not right.

I am mainingly doing this out of hubris, but also you help all you
non-UNC fans to prepare for what is going to happen next season.
It iwll be a symbolic representation of what is to come.

Donnie should fund the creation of something like this in front of the
Dean Dome, but I am pretty sure Dean Smith might try to block it.

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