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#1: Re: Training Week Ending July 9, 2006

Posted on 2006-07-16 04:29:43 by Piedmont Donald

"SwStudio" wrote:
> Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training
> week and goals.

Tues: 6.2 miles (10.0k) Peachtree Road Race
Fri: 4.5 miles (7.2k) road
Sat: 4 hours of heat training while doing trail work on local trails
Sat: 5.5 miles (8.9k) road
Week total: 16.2 miles (26.1k)
Year total: 248 miles (400k)

Currently 283 miles (456K) (as of today) BEHIND on my NEW 2006 goal of
running "only" 1000 miles (1609K).

Racing: Peachtree Road Race
Spent too much time the night before running around doing pre-race prep.
Note to self: Go to the expo the _first_ day. Started to the event a
little later than usual and avoided the super long wait for the start.
Ran well enough and was perfectly happy with my run until less than 1/2
mile to go when I realized that I wasn't too far from a course PR. I
pushed from this point and in my haste started my sprint too soon.
Missed a course PR by 2 seconds. :-(

Race goal review:
Goal: Cross start line within 15 seconds of "gun" - 53 seconds
(should have skipped watching the wheelchair start)
Goal: Get name in paper (less than 60 minutes) - Success
Qualified goal: Get name in paper only once (i.e. no "survived
by..." references) - Success
Announced goal: 55 minutes - Success
It could happen goal: Course PR - Missed by 2 seconds Arrgh!

Training: None between last week and the race and only some after a
brief recovery interlude.

Racing future:
4 mile (6.4k) road race in 1 week (already done, but I'll report it next
5k road race in 2 weeks

Possible goal races:
August - "Local" 8-hour heat fest - I'll have to miss it entirely since
I'll be in NYC
September - Local 50k/50 mile trail run
November - Atlanta Half Marathon or perhaps Full

Misc info:
Seem to have hit steady state weight, will have to fight from here

Piedmont Donald

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#2: Re: Training Week Ending July 9, 2006

Posted on 2006-07-16 22:21:51 by steve common

&quot;Piedmont Donald&quot; &lt;<a href="mailto:sorry_invalid&#64;" target="_blank">sorry_invalid&#64;</a>&gt; wrote:

&gt; It could happen goal: Course PR - Missed by 2 seconds Arrgh!

Hey, coming of all those low-mileage months, you can be well pleased :-)

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