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#1: Hip Flexor Pain- How serious?

Posted on 2006-07-15 14:45:18 by dcodea

I play ultimate, but this is a running problem I figure you guys would
be more knowledgable about. Two days ago, after what I felt was a fine
warmup and stretch out, on my first little sprint, I had a sharp pain
in my right hip flexor, and couldn't continue. I couldnt' press of
against the ground, so I couldn't cut or sprint. This was new to me,
I'd never injured my hip flexor before. I don't believe it was an
overuse thing, but I really have no Idea why it gave out like that. So
I went right home, and I 've been icing it and taking Ibu since then.
This morning, on getting out of bed, it felt MUCH better. I was
limping all yesterday, but so far today, no limp. My question is: How
long before I can start trying to rehab/strengthen the hip? The fact
that it feels this much better this quickly says to me it was probably
a minor strain- so what is the right regimen from this point on?

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