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#1: Re: race report: Utica Boilermaker (2006)

Posted on 2006-07-11 23:57:05 by Daniel

On 10 Jul 2006 17:26:25 -0700, "Charlie Pendejo"
&lt;<a href="mailto:Charlie.Pendejo&#64;" target="_blank">Charlie.Pendejo&#64;</a>&gt; wrote:

&gt;net 1:01:49 - #442 of 9407 finishers, 41/701 M35-39
&gt;gun 1:02:31 - . . .

Wow, congratulations! All that hard work has paid off admirably for
you. [ . . . maybe when I have another 3000 miles logged I can press
forward so well! ]

I must say I am *so* relieved this was not a race report with *too
much information* about digestive glitches!

Good going!

Are you planning a 12 week prep for NYC Marathon?
Daniel ( <a href="mailto:deltaechomike&#64;" target="_blank">deltaechomike&#64;</a> )

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