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#1: Re: race report: Utica Boilermaker (2006)

Posted on 2006-07-11 22:39:35 by Dot

Charlie Pendejo wrote:

> net 1:01:49 - #442 of 9407 finishers, 41/701 M35-39
> gun 1:02:31 - nearly caught Olena Plastinina, who must've had a
> horrible race

From another post:
> Thanks, and yeah, 'twas a 5:43 PR, my only prior shot at the distance
> having been the 2004 Boilermaker.

Congratulations, Charlie! Top 500, top 5%, a 5:43 PR on a 1ish hr race
(about 8% drop). Sounds like you had a really nice race. Maybe didn't
get your sub 60, but getting there. Sounds like your training is paying
off. Keep it up!

Thanks for the race report - and some info about the race, including the
fact that a National Distance Running Hall of Fame exists. Road running
in lower 48 is really a world apart from where I am and what I'm exposed
to on a daily basis. ;) And I always find the concept of "distance
running" confusing. I thought Jim Ryun was a miler and Pre was 5k (?).
If it weren't for this ng, I wouldn't know the race (or the Hall of
Fame) even existed, never mind being fairly significant.


"Success is different things to different people"
-Bernd Heinrich in Racing the Antelope

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