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#1: Re: Compression wrap for shin splints

Posted on 2006-07-10 20:55:39 by edprochak

Frank Boettcher wrote:
&gt; On Fri, 07 Jul 2006 16:59:05 -0500, Newsdude &lt;<a href="mailto:lousy&#64;" target="_blank">lousy&#64;</a>&gt;
&gt; wrote:
&gt; &gt;I'm never sure with these things whether they really help or I just
&gt; &gt;&quot;think&quot; they help, but I used a compression wrap for shin splints in my
&gt; &gt;left shin a couple years ago and found it helped.
&gt; &gt;
&gt; &gt;HOWEVER (and this is important), make sure you get checked out. I had a
&gt; &gt;bone scan of my knee and shin on a Friday, ran a half marathon on a
&gt; &gt;Saturday, then had a voicemail message from my doctor on Monday telling
&gt; &gt;me not to run for 6 weeks because my &quot;shin splints&quot; were really a stress
&gt; &gt;fracture.
&gt; &gt;
&gt; Thanks. Good advice. I doubt that it is a stress fracture, but you
&gt; never know. since it is chronic, I ought to get it checked out.
&gt; &gt;The wrap had helped so much that I completed 13 miles without any major
&gt; &gt;new pain (although it did require lots of ice and ibuprofen later).
&gt; &gt;
&gt; &gt;My doc suggested I return to my running store and study new varieties of
&gt; &gt;shoes before I started running again. I switched to a different neutral
&gt; &gt;cushioned shoe and have pretty much been shin splint free since.
&gt; &gt;
&gt; I've been considering that. I've been training in Mizuno wave
&gt; creation 5's for many years, but I've never had a &quot;gait analysis&quot;
&gt; Youngest son who runs about 75 miles a week switched from one of the
&gt; Asics to Saucony grid swerve, a fairly light shoe, and he kicked some
&gt; chronic or reccurring injuries.
&gt; At any rate, I think I'll give the compression wrap a try. Cheap fix
&gt; if it works or at least keeps it from progressing.
&gt; Frank

Before trying the wrap, I'd try new shoes. How many miles on your
current pair?

The only times I've come close to shin splints, I stopped them by:
once it was just getting new shoes and another time, not using that
pair (Saucony) for long runs.

Remember We are each an experiment of one, so my results may not apply
to you.


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