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#1: Re: Training Week Ending July 9, 2006

Posted on 2006-07-10 19:01:36 by Teresa Bippert-Plymate

SwStudio wrote:
> Greetings, rec.runners! Please tell us about your training
> week and goals.
> cheers,
> David Hirsh, director

Goals: Survive the Desert Summer, stay fit, keep the miles up,
try to do a little speedwork, and prep for the second half of
the Grand Prix in September.

Mon: Rest Day
Tue: 12.04 miles @ 9:45 avg pace. Low 80's at 6:30am, partial
overcast and humid. Ran beside a bike race, fun to watch. Also
hit a closing pit stop for the race where they loaded me up
with bananas and water!
Wed: 5.25 mi on treadmill. 8:49 avg. Raining outside today (yay!)
Started at 10:00 pace and sped up to 8:00. Boy is it HUMID!
Thur: 6.3 mi @ 9:11 pace. 94F and cloudy. Fine run.
Fri: Rest Day and POURING outside!
Sat: 8.6 mi @ 9:33 avg. Cooler after all the rain Fri, though
very wet, huge puddles and BUGS. Millipedes everywhere. Felt
very good midway and tempo'ed for a couple of miles.
Sun: 5.0 mi on treadmill. Avg 9:15 pace while watching the TdF
on the telly. Felt fine, tho quite warm and humid again.

Total: 37.19 mi

Teresa in AZ

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