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#1: Building your own cue case

Posted on 2006-07-17 01:55:38 by NoPoliticalCalls

>From rec.woodworking, circa Nov. 2004. I may give this whirl....

If I were building it, I'd consider making a laminated
with a form equal in size and shape to what you want the inside of the
to be... around that form, wrap whatever your liner material (velvet,
velour, satin, etc.) around it... then wrap whatever padding (if
then, I'd layer heavy paper (like an .020" phenolic paper backer).
make a
wrap and glue the seam with contact cement... coat the whole tube with
contact cement, and wrap another layer of the paper... continue until
have the desired wall thickness...and stagger the seams. Finally, glue
veneer of your favorite species to the outside... finish as desired.

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