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#1: Adrenalin

Posted on 2006-07-15 22:55:26 by dandydanone

Adrenalin 1-7-04 CR, Fast Larry Guninger all rights reserved. 3
pages. Czm, upm, bpn, rsb, ppt, btt,ip.

The noun "adrenalin" has 1 sense in WordNet.
1. epinephrine, epinephrin, adrenaline, Adrenalin -- (a catecholamine
secreted by the adrenal medulla in response to stress (trade name
Adrenalin); stimulates autonomic nerve action)

The adrenal gland is a very important organ in the human body. The
body has two adrenal glands, one riding on top of each Kidney. They
are also called suparnenals and they can do super things. They have
two parts, the medulla inner core and the cortex outer shell.
The medulola is controlled by the nervous system. Nerve signals prompt
the medulla to secrete epinephrine adrenalin and norepinphrine into the
blood. These are extremely powerful drugs that work very fast to help
the body adjust to sudden stresses.
The cortex is controlled by the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland
stimulates the cortex to secrete hormones into the blood as well. Some
of these hormones including cortisol and aldosterone help regulate salt
and sugar balances in the body. These balances are so important that a
person would die if they were not constantly maintained. The beauty is
this works automatically with out our control.

Adrenalin is a registered trade name for the drug epinephrine, which is
a hormone that is normally secreted into the blood by the adrenal
glands when there is a stress command placed. Feel stress, the drug is
In the body, it is trying to regulate proper blood pressure at a normal
level until the brains says dump the main load; we have a crisis, main
line this guy now.

When a person becomes angry or frightened the adrenal glands pour large
amounts of epinephyrine into the blood. It works very quickly and has
a sudden impact. It is Gods design for primitive man to see a Lion
that wants to have him for lunch, and get a sudden super human burst of
energy so he can run to the tree for safety. In primitive man this was
a very cool tool, in modern man, it can be more of a curse than a

There are many reports of small women seeing a car jack slip and fall
on their child working on a car and a 100 lb lady lifts the car up so
he can escape. Super human things can be done when this super drug
main lines your veins. It also sends all of your emotions totally
bonkers. Most of us have had someone cut us off in traffic and flip
us the bird and felt rage go wild, people kill each other from road
rage all the time. That was an adrenal drop. When rage hits and the
drug drops, you can be mentally insane for 30 seconds. When you feel
rage, that is why the old saying, close your eyes and slowly count to
10, that is allowing the first rush of the drug, the most powerful
jolt, to slowly begin to dissipate. The hormones being dropped as well
are meant to make the body more efficient for fight or flight.
That's great news if you want to duke it out in a bar or run to a
tree from a hungry Lion. If you are playing pool and get angry or
scared and you cause a full adrenal drop, you are now toast. Kiss your
bippy goodbye.
The epinephrine causes the muscles in the walls of the arties to
contract, thus slowing the bleeding from the expected wounds from the
fight or the Lion attack so you won't bleed to death. The drug
relaxes muscles in the bronchi, which are the large air passages into
the lungs so you can have more air to run farther faster. Everything
has changed all of your touch and feel is gone. Your entire nervous
system is spiked through the roof. Your heart is now racing and your
have no fight to perform or no tree to run to, all you have is your
veins now filled with this powerful drug and every system in your cpu
is screaming red alert, red alert.

Now tell me how you are going to play pool with all that going on. The
answer is, you are not. You are done. Depending on the situation, the
amount of the drop can vary a lot, from a full main line to a lighter
amount. You must learn to recognize the symptoms and realize when you
get hit with a drop. Stop what you are doing immediately. Make some
excuse like you have just become very ill and have to take an immediate
break. Go into the rest room, open a stall, go in & lock the door and
sit on the stool until the drug wears off.

That might take 10 or 15 minutes. If you continue to play in that
condition, you will lose every time. I would risk a DQ than go on and
play to a certain defeat. If you continue to play after the drop by
the time the drug wears off, you are now so far behind you can't
catch up or the match is over. If you are forced back on the floor,
then go into a massive slow down until you feel your have returned to

Before I gained control of my emotions by using Zen, I remember I was
playing a world champion and I wanted to do well, his name was Willie.
I did not expect to win, I just wanted some respect. I had played him
once before and almost beat the guy, running 75 out of the chute in a
game of 100 when I got the first shot. He came to the table and ran
100 and out on me, I was shocked by that. I was not scared of him the
first match, but when I played him the 2nd time I was now terrified of
the guy. I can remember sitting there waiting to play and I was so
scared my leg was shaking. It began to shake so bad I had to hold it
down. I was literally falling apart, my emotions turned to mush. I
let adrenal drop and when I got the first shot, I only ran 12 and
missed. Mosconi ran 100 and out again on me.

I played great the first match being loose and confident. The 2nd
match I played like a dog. That is what happens to you when you lose
control of your emotions, you are finished. The lesson I learned that
day was never fear any man in any game. So you lose, they don't chop
off your head. The only chance you have to win is to play them totally
fast and loose. After that sank in, I beat a dozen world champions
just by coming after them hard, fast and loose out of the chute,
showing no fear. I never got to play Mosconi a 3rd time, not that I
might have won. During the time I played him, he was virtually UN
beatable, because he feared no one. Never let fear of losing to anyone
affects you. Fear is your greatest enemy; you must remain calm at all
You must be conscious of your little pouch of drugs sitting on top of
your Kidneys just waiting to dump into your veins, let that happen,
your are a loser. Now you know it's vital you remain calm and
relaxed and not let anything going on around you to affect you. Number
one; have no fear of your opponent, so what he's this or that, all
he can do is win, life goes on after that for you. If you are
gambling, some roadies will get aggressive if you're winning and get
in your face to cause an argument, some can get nasty, even
threatening. They want you to drop your load and go off on it, that is
what that is all about. Be smarter than that, just smile in their face
and scold them for being rude and ask them politely to sit down. When
they see they cannot provoke you into anger and rage, they won't
waste their time doing it again.

See Zen as your shield, it protects you from these emotions, keeps them
at bay, and you will never have a disastrous adrenal drop ever again if
you are a Zen player, it is impossible for that to occur. Just keep
smiling and humming your tune, whistle while you work, and be happy in
your work running out on the other guy so he does not get a shot. At
the pro level, 90% of the game is mental, mental control of your
emotions and concentration and focus.

Even the total beginner should begin learning these vital concepts and
techniques from the get go. Never ever beat your self or shoot your
own self in the foot. If you are a league player, you see this happen
in almost every match played. You sit back from afar and probably
wonder why, how can these people do these things, how can they dog a
game ball that's a hanger in the hole, then you get up and do the
same thing your self. It is all because you people do not control you
and your emotions; everything around you is controlling you. Until you
put a stop to this madness and take control of you and your destiny,
nothing changes.

My teacher Minnesota Fats a half-century ago said to me and I quote,
"Only a sausage, a sucker puts heat on himself. Why would you want
to do that, make your self into a loser, that don't make no sense.
Pressure in self-induced, only you can put it on, only you can take it
off. It's a feel game, you can't play it if you lock your self up
tight. You have to play it with a natural flow, fast and loose, nice
and calm with a smile on your face when you see the game ball, because
you know you're a winner and you never dog the game ball, so pay day
just arrived. "

May God bless and peace be with you. May the wind be always on your
back and
all 9 balls fall. VENI VIDI VICI, OMNIA VINCIT AMOR. Latin for "I
came, I saw, I conquered, love conquerors all. Yes I really did do it
all and you can believe it, or not. If you don't believe it, C'est
La Vie. A prophet is not recognized in his own land. Rack em sausage,
Go play fast and loose. In time, it's all dust in the wind anyway.
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