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#1: Re: Team matchplay prizes

Posted on 2006-07-11 07:47:55 by Malcolm Wadsworth

&quot;Bill Seddon&quot; &lt;<a href="mailto:bill&#64;" target="_blank">bill&#64;</a>&gt; wrote in message
news:44b2ba24$0$3537$<a href="mailto:ed2619ec&#64;" target="_blank">ed2619ec&#64;</a>
&gt; We are having a group playing 4 rounds later this week, 2 teams of 6,
&gt; playing matchplay.
&gt; I'm struggling to work out a prize format, we plan 2 rounds fourball, 2
&gt; rounds individual matchplay. Would be nice to have some individual
&gt; component as well as a team element as well.
&gt; any ideas?
&gt; Bill

There are problems here with giving individual prizes for match play.
Firstly, in match play we have the concession of strokes, holes and matches
so there are no individual scores;
secondly, who is to say that if A beat B 4&amp;3 and C beat A 5&amp;4, that B would
not have beaten C.

The only individaul prizes that you could introduce are Nearest the Pin on
par 3s; Nearest the Pin with the second stroke on short Par 4s; Longest
Drives and Straightest Drives.


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