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#1: Re: Rescue/Baffler style clubs

Posted on 2006-07-10 20:56:47 by Santa

Colin Wilson wrote:
> David Sneddon wrote:
>> I've just put the KZG Utility irons in my bag - 18* and 22*, replacing
>> my 5W/2iron and 3iron.
> David, these look good. What is the playability difference between the
> KZG utility irons and the KZG utility woods?

I've never played the Utility woods, Colin, so can't really comment.

> One day I'm just going to have a bag full of utility irons, plus a few
> wedges. ;-)
> If I hadn't bought my Srixon ADs so recently, I'd buy several of the
> KZGs to replace up to about a 6- or 7-iron.

My irons start at #5 (28*) now, but there are several local guys who are
fairly good players using 30* and 34* utility irons. They are well
suited to the greens we have here.


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