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#1: Re: my swing - critics anyone?

Posted on 2006-07-16 23:11:33 by calmar

On 2006-07-08, dsc &lt;<a href="mailto:Dudley.Cornman&#64;" target="_blank">Dudley.Cornman&#64;</a>&gt; wrote:


&gt; BTW - Nicklaus said his favorite address position was with the club
&gt; hovered in front of the ball a foot or so. That would require him to
&gt; pass over the ball in his back swing. How he did this I don't know...
&gt; did he alter spine angle or arm angle? He also said he never had he
&gt; nads to try that in competition... for obvious reasons.

I also don't know who he did this, at least that is something I never
heard of.

Anyway, I happed while yesterday beeing 'stick' going back to the
basics, and there that going in front of the ball, was a natural
movement, so I said to myself, well, why not just doing it, it can't be
'that' bad when it's Nicklaus preferred starting position.

Ok, I don't actually know how he did it exactly - nevertheless I think
it improved my swing considerably, and I'm just doing it the first day
today. Still somebit flat, but probably that will get better, or it's
not that bad anyway (one of both). Probably a little 'shift' in the
'backswing starting direction' could fix it, or however.

that nicklaus thing (or similar, or however):
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Since it's some natural movement for me, it's very ok, and it really
improves things, and makes them much easier at least obviously. I'm not
sure if that helps in general so, especially in the case it's 'not' a
natural 'making sense' movement.

anyway, thanks for that hint.. That will also move into my top-tips (I
note/figure out for mysefl :)


(o_ It rocks: LINUX + Command-Line-Interface
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