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#1: Re: Horry says Dull Harris and Cuban are whiners

Posted on 2006-07-12 20:25:12 by Gary Collard

John wrote:
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&gt; news:Y6gng.702$<a href="mailto:NP4.469&#64;" target="_blank">NP4.469&#64;</a>
&gt; &gt;
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&gt; &gt; &gt;I am trying to figure out what Horry is smoking but its clear he is just
&gt; &gt; &gt;embarassed about being eliminated by Dallas.
&gt; &gt;
&gt; &gt; Damn right, he should be embarrassed about it as should all the Spurs.
&gt; They
&gt; &gt; are a better team than the Mavs and were the only team in the playoffs,
&gt; &gt; other than Detroit, who had a chance of beating the Heat. But instead of
&gt; &gt; joining the Lakers, Rocks, and Bulls, as teams who dominate by winning
&gt; &gt; multiple championships in a row, they remain among the league's &quot;ordinary&quot;
&gt; &gt; champs.
&gt; &gt;
&gt; &gt; I guess I shouldn't say anything, because it's apparently good enough for
&gt; &gt; the team and it's fans, right guys?
&gt; Umm, the Lakers suck and a Shaq team just won the ring. I don't think
&gt; Lakers fan should be talking about ordinary teams. They should talk about
&gt; teams that made the second round.

No, they should be talking about how a guy with 10 fingers does with 15

Gary Collard
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