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#1: Re: NBA execs wonder how "J J" equals "Jonathan Clay"

Posted on 2006-07-10 18:31:50 by nospam

&quot;»Q«&quot; &lt;<a href="mailto:boxcars&#64;" target="_blank">boxcars&#64;</a>&gt; wrote

&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; Nope, &quot;J J&quot; does not qualify as a nickname, it is a replacement
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; for his name. A nickname can be used along with the name, for
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; example, &quot;Earvin Magic Johnson&quot;. But no one ever says &quot;Jonathan
&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; Clay J. J. Redick&quot;.
&gt;&gt;&gt; Insufficent for disqualification. No one ever said John F. Jack
&gt;&gt;&gt; Kennedy.
&gt;&gt; You proved my point.
&gt; Which was that Jack wasn't JFK's nickname? Great, now I have to
&gt; re-read the entire effing Warren report.

Hopefully you'll get a good chuckle over the bullet's alleged
trajectory. I know I always do.


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