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Some Swedish footy
2 1573
Perth v Melbourne [R]
3 1059
(R) Libertadores 2006 - Inter vs. LDU
11 878
Cavcav: Special favors lead to match-fixing
6 766
AQB International Ratings (11 July 2006)
10 863
What formation will Chelsea use this season?
3 1286
Juventus punished
3 1549
Fewest goals for the world champion team topscorer
6 1280
FIFA the Lion
4 1911
Re: What was said to Zidane (according to a lip-reader)
4 737
Diving infests Aussie Rules
13 1444
Bergkamp Testimonial opens new Arsenal Stadium [R]
4 2001
Evidence of Soccer Referees taking bribes in Germany last year
4 914
Why weren't AC Milan relegated?
33 1008
Shortly After the World Cup is Over, War Begins in the Middle East: Coincidence?
9 1167
(Irony) Re: England blame everyone but themselves
0 720
Plymouth Argyle v Real Madrid [R]
0 1413
Attention Real Mardin
2 823
Sporting Vs Real Sport CLub (Pre-Season Friendly)
0 2120
Re: RodDick is a dick
9 719