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#1: Football coaching gadgets

Posted on 2006-07-21 13:14:48 by Jussi Uosukainen

<a href="" target="_blank"> 526</a>

Does anyone have any links on where to find more info on this kind of

&quot;It's always funny until someone gets hurt...
And then it's just hilarious!&quot;
- Faith No More

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#2: Re: Football coaching gadgets

Posted on 2006-07-21 14:12:57 by John Shocked

&quot;Jussi Uosukainen&quot; &lt;<a href="mailto:juso&#64;" target="_blank">juso&#64;</a>&gt; wrote in message news:e9qcv8$k6i$<a href="mailto:2&#64;" target="_blank">2&#64;</a>
&gt; <a href="" target="_blank"> 526</a>
&gt; Does anyone have any links on where to find more info on this kind of
&gt; widgets?
&gt; /jussi

<a href=";eurl=" target="_blank">;eurl=</a>
Looks like the technology to track player positions on the field already
has been rolled out to protect World Soccer from 100% Defense.
World Soccer has hope yet.


It is a shame that a team, Italy, which spent the whole match playing maximum defense
was able to win this World Cup Final 2006, between France and Italy.

I suggest that there be a rule that would limit the number of players that a team
can pack into its own defensive third of the field.
Each team should be required to put at least 3 players in the middle fifth of the
field, or be penalized with a free kick on the edge of their own penalty area.

The middle fifth would range between the 40 yard lines of each team,
assuming a 100 yard long field.
Offsides would not be allowed in this middle fifth of the field.

It seemed that Italy was playing for penalty kicks from almost the very
beginning of the match.
Italy was completely outplayedby France in this match
and in no way deserved to win the championship.



Whether or not defenses would be allowed to violate this policy for brief periods
of a few seconds on set piece plays like free kicks and corners is a debatable issue.
However, defenes must defend with skill, not with defenders and midfielders
and strikers participating in the defense and not performing their true role:
to attack.



One way of implementing the rule I propose here of requiring each team to have
at least 3 players in the middle fifth of the field would be to have each of the
22 players on the field wear a GPS like piece of equipment which would
every seconds RF transmit the shirt number and team membership of the
player to perhaps 4 RF receivers positioned around the perimeter of the field.

That way the alarms would go off if 3 players of the defending team are
not in the middle fifth outside of the duration of set piece plays.
Thus the linesmen would not have to count and the referee would then
simply have to decide whether a set piece is ongoing or not when the
signal comes in.

The ball would also have an RF transmitter in it to indicate to the system
who is defending.


The Cannavaro KO punch knockout of Henry in the 1st minute of this match
indicates clearly that we need to have the referee have access to
Instant Replay in the future. Cannavaro should have been Sent Off
in the first minute of the match, Red Card Without Substitution .


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