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#1: What a waste!!

Posted on 2006-07-16 22:23:09 by John Turner

I played in a club four-ball v-par today with my friend Gus (some of you
know him from a couple of years ago). At the second hole, a 523 yard par
five, I holed my third shot for an eagle, with a shot no less. So what would
have been five points in a Stableford competition, becomes a ho-ho win in a
v-par. At the 18th, another par five, Gus holed his fourth shot from 60
yards out. Straight into the hole - such that it actually damaged the hole.
Meanwhile I was sitting 20 feet away in three expecting no worse than a five
for a half.

We wound up with a score of five up, but a count of the Stableford score
revealed 44 points. It sure shows the difference between the two forms of
competition. We will find out in the morning if it is a winning score.


John T

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